Tall Can Sports 141: Chucking Penguins

On this episode of the TCS podcast the boys talk about some teams that are already in off season mode in the NHL.

How good or bad can we expect the Leafs to be heading in to next season? Is there anything to the rumours floating around that they're going to lose a major part of their management team and if so, does it really matter? What kind of behind the scenes drama might be going on between the old school and the new school?

Later on, the GM of the Washington Capitals came out and finally discussed what's next for an organization in a weird place. Are they trading their captain? Are they firing their coach?  Turns out - the answer is... maybe. 

Also inside this one we talk about Gary Bettman's latest chance to condescend to his fans where he talked about how great the new video review rules are working despite everyone hating it and he officially puts a nail in that Olympics thing that fans love. So you know.  Par for the course for Gary. 

Lastly, another fan throws stuff on the field of play and this time everyone loves him. Why is it okay in some cases and not in another? Is there actually an etiquette to chucking stuff from the stands?