Tall Can Sports 106: The Bat Came Back

The bat came back the very next day. 

Matt is joined by Matty Laing to talk the latest Jays news. 

 But before they jump in to that our guys show a little love to friend of the show Amy Burk who has been nominated by Sport PEI as their female athlete of the year.  TCA may be a little bias but our guys cite the case for Amy to be PEI's top athlete of 2016 following the Paralympic Games she put in for Canada.

After that Matty explains whatever severe brain damage he suffered that caused him to not love the movie Slapshot.  Cuz I mean that's.... kinda crazy. 

Finally, the guys get to the point.  Jose Bautista signs with the Blue Jays after one of the crazier off seasons that anyone is likely to be able to remember.  

Is this really what the team wanted to see happen? Is Bautista likely to be happy to be back? And where does this really leave the team's lineup heading in to spring training?

Support for a member of the family, Slapshot and hockey movie talk and Blue Jays predictions all on this episode.