Tall Can Sports 103: Obscene Recaps

The first TCS of 2017 is on the year and there's lots of hockey related news to get to. 

Matt was at the Centennial Classic in Toronto.  Was it worth the price that they charged for the event? How did it compare to the last outdoor game involving the Leafs and Red Wings down at the Big House? And does this actually mark the moment where they turn the page?

Later on, the guys break down a huge fight.  It didn't take place in the octagon or on the ice.  Scooter Boy took on Old Man in the Handicap Bathroom of BMO Field following that game and the guys recap all the action. 

Lastly, another World Juniors is in the bank.  How did this event stack up with years previous? Did Team Canada overachieve despite losing the Gold Medal Game? Is the IIHF wrong to manipulate the pools for marketing reasons instead of based on results? 

Lots to cover here so let's dive in. 

Tall Can Sports 102: 2nd Annual World Juniors ... Thing

Rob & Matt are in the TCA studio to present the annual "Christmas Eve World Juniors... Thing!" 

The guys take a look at how this year's team is shaping up, who might be the odds on favourite to win it all, some of their favourite memories from the event in the past & just what it is about this tournament that speaks so powerfully to Canadians.

And maybe.  Just maybe.  The guys will sing a Christmas carol or two. 

It's one of our favourite and most popular shows of the year as we love keeping you company as you get to wherever you'll spend Christmas and help you get pumped for the big tournament to follow.  

So let's rock in to Christmas & the World Juniors together!

Tall Can Sports 101: Skip To My Lou Marsh

Neate Sager rejoins the program to debate the winner of the Lou Marsh Trophy and discuss who else may have been in the running as Canada's top athlete of the year. 

Later on we get to Neate's bread & butter - junior hockey.  We check in on Canada's world junior training camp.  Who may have an inside track? How are Quuebec's politics going to factor in to the formation of the team? Lots to get to at the most wonderful time of the year in Canadian sport.