Tall Can Sports 330: Congrats To The Concrete Convertible

A jam packed show with thoughts on the Dome’s 30th birthday, Karlsson returning to Ottawa, the Leafs dealing their worst contracts, the Alouettes are being run by the CFL, the NFL is going to play games in Winnipeg, the Raptors are igniting a nation and Rob is all in on the Stanley Cup Final while Matt couldn’t care less.

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Tall Can Sports 310: Marleau'est of the Low

Melnyk shoots from the hip again at pretty much everyone, the Leafs need to sit down Patrick Marleau, the Clarkson Cup opens up the debate of the greatest women’s hockey player ever and the UFC makes a baffling move with their PPVs.

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Tall Can Sports 68: Tough Titties

Hello, World!

The guys discuss the Brock Lesnar to UFC 200 situation and what they may have had to pay the WWE to make it happen? And was it even money, or is there a possibility of further talent exchange? Would such an exchange hurt the credibility of the UFC?

Later on, a discussion on Ali and why people don't seem to love the greatest in any sport until they're done being great.