Tall Can Sports 122: Shortsighted

On TCS122 it's all about shortsightedness, small sample sizes and the little things as Matty Laing joins the show to discuss the NHL not going to the Olympics, Game 1 of 162 for the Blue Jays and the Leafs latest conquest on their way to the playoffs. 

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Tall Can Sports 75: What's On Draft?

Hello, World!

The guys take a look back at the 2016 NHL Entry Draft last weekend to see who were the big winners and losers. 

Who went too soon? How bad did Columbus blow it? And did the Canadian teams accomplish what they needed to?

Later on, an interesting discussion on some previous drafts and how often the guy who went second overall should have gone first.


It's all draft this week. Old and new. 

Tall Can Sports 62: Leafs In 7 On Friday The 13th

Hello, World!

This particular Friday the 13th is especially scary for the fanbase of the Toronto Maple Leafs as it marks another anniversary of their epic Game 7 collapse against Boston.  We'll take a look back at what happened and, more importantly, the path that it sent the franchise down - the effects of which are still being felt today. 

Afterwards, what should the Toronto Maple Leafs do with their first overall pick at this year's draft? Matthews? Laine? A trade?

It's a blue and white episode! So let's go.