Tall Can Sports100: Canada vs Quebec


Rob & Matt, on the 100th episode of Tall Can Sports, finally sit down to settle a debate they've been having for months.  Could an all time Team Quebec defeat an all time Team Canada in a hockey series?

Mario Lemieux vs Wayne Gretzky. The Rocket vs Mr Hockey. Bobby Orr vs Guy Lapointe. The matchups are endless!

Would the speed and skill of Quebec be too much for Canada to match? How would Quebec possibly stand up to the size and grit of Canada? And what could Canada possibly do to match goaltending with the original goalie factory?

Join us as we celebrate 100 episodes of TCS by creating the greatest hockey series ever! 

Tall Can Sports 95: Needs More Rod

The Hockey Hall of Fame has just completed one of their more fascinating induction weekends in recent memory so Rob & Matt figured they'd better pick it apart for you. 

In his prime Eric Lindros was the most dominant player in the NHL but due to injuries and disputes with management he was never quite viewed alongside the all-time greats like maybe he could have been. Was it fair for #88 to have to wait so long to get in?

Were the men that he went in with worthy in general of ever being Hall of Famers?  And is an out of touch selection committee even capable of properly selecting Women in to the Hall after another year goes by with no women recognized?

Lots to discuss on the heels of Hall of Fame weekend.