Tall Can Sports 271: 2018/19 NHL Atlantic Division Preview

On our final stop on our trip across the NHL, we land in the Atlantic. Are the Leafs ready to bark with the big dogs? Can the Sabres finally take a step forward? Just how high will the dumpster fire in Ottawa burn? All this and tons more.

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Tall Can Sports 172: 2017/18 NHL Atlantic Division Preview

The last stop on the trip across the NHL is the Atlantic Division where typically the most arguments occur due to the proximity to home. Do the guys shred each others' teams or is it possible there is a hint of impartiality. 

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Tall Can Sports 99: Fight The Panther

Matt and Rob tee up what you can look forward to hearing to mark the occasion of the 100th episode of TCS, coming up later this week. 

After that, they'll explain why UFC broadcasts could soon look very different than they ever have before and lay out just the latest example of why the Florida Panthers are a laughable NHL franchise. 

Tall Can Sports 89: NHL Atlantic Div Preview 16/17

We are on stop 4 of our tour across the league and have landed back home in the Atlantic.

Are the Lightning King? Are the Panthers ready to become a power? Do the Red Wings fall out? And oh man, all the craziness surrounding the 3 Canadian clubs.