Tall Can Sports 145: On Frozen Pond

As we enter what the media suggests will be a period of tons of movement and trades, the guys discuss whether, well, that will really be the case or not. 

Are the Ducks really in trouble with their blue line? Should Phaneuf have waived his No Trade? And are the Preds vulnerable after a deep run to losing a top guy?

Later, using the Penguins and Blackhawks as examples, the boys talk about what the Oilers and Leafs can afford to do contract wise with their superstars? Crosby and Malkin took less and keep winning. Toews and Kane took more and their team is stuck due to the cap. Does Leon hold the cards in Edmonton more than Connor? Does Nylander dictate the Leafs more than Matthews? 

It's a crazy time of year and the guys try to unpack as much of it as they can.