Audio Whiplash 49: Death From Above 2016

Hello, World!

Once again, Amy Burk joins the show to talk about some idiots!

The idiot IOC didn't have the balls or integrity to do what the International Paralympic Committee did when it came to the Russian doping situation. 

An idiot politician wants to stop you from having any booze at an airport. 

And the idiot host of this show gets to go see the Tragically Hip one last time. 

So listen to episode 49 of Audio Whiplash, idiots!

Audio Whiplash 48: Crowd Funded Independence

Jill MacSween is in studio for the first time, after previously joining the show via Skype a few times. 

Some weird stuff went down at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games and we figured it probably warranted some attention. 

And later on, there are some real winners out there that have decided to move off the grid and want to live independently and in order to do this they would like you to give them money - because that's real independence.