Audio Whiplash 88: #TakeAKnee

The #TakeAKnee movement swept across pro sports this past weekend and became the number one news headline. But was it covered correctly or was the actual meaning buried in a sea of bad journalism and worse takes?

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Audio Whiplash 58: Rihanna's Bicycle Seat

 episode of Audio Whiplash Rob & Matt are all over the damn road... as usual. 

Talk starts out around the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and how we've gone from literally hundreds of terrible little flip phones down to really only two viable options in such a short timespan. 

Later, conversation turns to some of the most viewed Wikipedia pages of 2016.  Some of the top are pretty obvious but how did some of this nonsense get in to the Top 20? And how has the second screen effect contributed to how we now consume content? Can you even watch the game or movie without your tablet in your hand anymore?

Lots of other bits and pieces around this one that make it your usual not safe for work delight so enjoy Audio Whiplash 58.

Audio Whiplash 57: 2016 Retrospective

Rob & Matt are in studio to take a look back at the year 2016 and it's biggest stories.  A media outlet gets bankrupted, possibly for the best.  A crazy celebrity is elected president of the United States, new albums, new attacks, new conflicts.  It was a hell of a year and we'll try to pick out the biggest moments inside one episode. 

You can follow Rob on Twitter @CaptainBlowhard and Matt @TallCanAudio. 

Audio Whiplash 54: Landslide of Herpes

In the first episode of Audio Whiplash in several weeks, Rob & Matt are running down a brand new exciting type of Herpes, what's wrong with bus people, how CNN has failed you during this election and tons more.  

You can find below the YouTube video from media matters that the boys are referring to during this show. 

Audio Whiplash 30: Make It Easy

Hello, World!

Audio Whiplash 30 and Rob & Matt have lots to get to. 

A year ago Rob loudly proclaimed in to the mic that the Donald Trump situation wasn't real and he'd never get out of the primaries.  Now that the Donald has won state after state - does he feel any differently?

And later on the conversation gets a little heated as the boys have a major difference of opinion on a Billboard article regarding millennials & how they consume music.