Audio Whiplash 58: Rihanna's Bicycle Seat

 episode of Audio Whiplash Rob & Matt are all over the damn road... as usual. 

Talk starts out around the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and how we've gone from literally hundreds of terrible little flip phones down to really only two viable options in such a short timespan. 

Later, conversation turns to some of the most viewed Wikipedia pages of 2016.  Some of the top are pretty obvious but how did some of this nonsense get in to the Top 20? And how has the second screen effect contributed to how we now consume content? Can you even watch the game or movie without your tablet in your hand anymore?

Lots of other bits and pieces around this one that make it your usual not safe for work delight so enjoy Audio Whiplash 58.

Audio Whiplash 55: One Of Them Is A "Fella"

Man the lads have a lot of ground to cover this week on an all new Audio Whiplash.

A vegan parent has had her child taken away from her under the guise of neglect.  Should parents living with an alternate diet be required to feed their children meat until they are old enough to make their own decision? 

Later on, Montreal Police are under fire after it was discovered that they tracked a reporter's phone to try and find one of his sources.  Is this an invasion of the independent media? Do police forces around the world simply need to "be better"? Or are your phones up for grabs in this constant war between law enforcement and your privacy?

Tons to cover here so let's get in to it!

Audio Whiplash 33: Toilet Humour

Hello, World!

Oh dear.  We've let Amy back on the mic with Toilet Humour on the agenda.  This can't go well. 

Audio Whiplash 33 starts off fine enough as they discuss Apple's return to a 4 inch iPhone and whether or not there is still a market for the smaller device, as well as the news that the FBI has found a hacker to help them to break in to a terrorist's iPhone. Sounds like good news. But it isn't. 

And that's about where things go off the rails.  A Deadspin article regarding the Top 10 places to have a leak comes up  and things go to hell in a hurry with tomfoolery. 

Later on, they talk about whether or not you'd accept a ready made clone of your significant other on the day they bit it so that you could carry on business as usual. 

This one is something else but it's a lot of laughs. Give it a listen. 

Audio Whiplash 28: Right On Track

Hello, World!

This podcast comes to you live from a commuter train somewhere between Ottawa and Toronto as Matt as joined by friend of the show Amy Burk.

On the agenda - is the tablet market totally dead or have Apple & Samsung created products of such a high quality that people simply don't need to replace them as often as the manufacturers would prefer?

Also on this one, they discuss the types of equipment necessary to record on the go like this and the tech that goes in to it as well as the new podcast Amy has launched on the network.