Audio Whiplash 49: Death From Above 2016

Hello, World!

Once again, Amy Burk joins the show to talk about some idiots!

The idiot IOC didn't have the balls or integrity to do what the International Paralympic Committee did when it came to the Russian doping situation. 

An idiot politician wants to stop you from having any booze at an airport. 

And the idiot host of this show gets to go see the Tragically Hip one last time. 

So listen to episode 49 of Audio Whiplash, idiots!

Audio Whiplash 33: Toilet Humour

Hello, World!

Oh dear.  We've let Amy back on the mic with Toilet Humour on the agenda.  This can't go well. 

Audio Whiplash 33 starts off fine enough as they discuss Apple's return to a 4 inch iPhone and whether or not there is still a market for the smaller device, as well as the news that the FBI has found a hacker to help them to break in to a terrorist's iPhone. Sounds like good news. But it isn't. 

And that's about where things go off the rails.  A Deadspin article regarding the Top 10 places to have a leak comes up  and things go to hell in a hurry with tomfoolery. 

Later on, they talk about whether or not you'd accept a ready made clone of your significant other on the day they bit it so that you could carry on business as usual. 

This one is something else but it's a lot of laughs. Give it a listen. 

Audio Whiplash 31: Rabbit on Racism

Hello, World!

This week in Toronto a man with Albinism & his East Indian son had the police called on them because, according to one ignorant bystander, they did not look enough alike for her comfort. 

That's right.  In 2016 you can still have the police hunt you down for not looking like you "should". 

We have our senior albino correspondent Amy Burk on the show to help us look at one of the strangest examples of racism we've ever come across. 

Audio Whiplash 29: Shots To The Head

Hello, World!

Amy & Matt discuss whether or not the LCBO is about to become the Amazon of booze. Is a drone going to drop off a case of beer at your front door? Cuz we're all in on that. 

And a woman took her one month old child to a hockey practice and he got hit with a puck and knocked unconscious and suddenly sh*t got real in a hurry. Our resident sports fan mother and loud mouth weighs in on who is to blame. 

Lots to get to on this one so here we go. 

Audio Whiplash 28: Right On Track

Hello, World!

This podcast comes to you live from a commuter train somewhere between Ottawa and Toronto as Matt as joined by friend of the show Amy Burk.

On the agenda - is the tablet market totally dead or have Apple & Samsung created products of such a high quality that people simply don't need to replace them as often as the manufacturers would prefer?

Also on this one, they discuss the types of equipment necessary to record on the go like this and the tech that goes in to it as well as the new podcast Amy has launched on the network. 

Audio Whiplash 10: With Paralympian Amy Burk

The first ever guest on Audio Whiplash is Canadian Paralympian Amy Burk who joins us to talk a little Goalball - a sport for the blind and visually impaired.  Amy also discusses balancing motherhood with sport, adjusting to a new coaching staff, the scariest countries in the world to visit and the feeling of being able to represent Canada at home at TO2015