Audio Whiplash 96: #TCAGoesGrey - With Andy of Nita Beer Co.

As part of our Grey Cup Week coverage, TCA was super excited to have Nita Beer Co come onboard as our presenting sponsor. 

So it only made good sense to have Nita's founder Andy come on and talk about the brewery, the craft beer business, some of the friendships and rivalries that exist around the industry and tons more. 

Regular listeners know that if there's one thing that Matt & Rob have a passion for, it's beer.  It's quite possibly the most frequently talked about topic on the show.  So it was great to go right to the source and have an expert in to put a few back and talk suds.

You can visit Nita Beer Co's website to order product by mail at or drop in and visit them at 190 Colonnade Road in Ottawa.

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