Audio Whiplash 91: Unplucked Gems

Audio Whiplash sees a lot of rage and a little sadness. 

Leading off the show Matt rages on an unthinkable couple days while he's completely unplugged from the world.  And is he done raging after that? No. He's also got problems with people giving his phone number away in an attempt to save a couple bucks. Jump in to find out what we're talking about.

With this being the first appearance for Rob since the big news around the Tragically Hip, Matt gives Rob the floor for him to give his feelings on Gord and some of his experiences with the Tragically Hip. 

And in attempt to wrap things up on a lighter note, our hosts discuss a poll seen on Twitter regarding whether you'd prefer to spend a week of at a house bash with 2014 Miley Cyrus or a week on a beach in Malibu with 2017 Miley Cyrus. 

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