Audio Whiplash 83: Doom

The Audio Whiplash podcast returns with lots to say on an unbelievable weekend of events south of the border. 

Before that, the guys take a look around at some of the best stuff currently on HBO and offer up a couple suggestions and recommendations. 

Later on, Matt goes off the deep end a little on people trying to defend the appearance of real life actual Nazis in Virginia over the weekend. Does every argument actually have 2 sides or are some positions simply indefensible ?

And finally, the guys look at some newly released numbers on where we are getting our news from and just how it's lead us to where we are now. Are the days of the public being able to simply get the facts and accept them over still within reach or will we now only believe those people who already think we think?

We're in a dangerous and polarized place and more conversation is necessary. Join in on this one here.