Audio Whiplash 70: The Legend of Hoopy Hooperssen

On our 2nd birthday, we are the ones handing out the gifts - in the form of a bonus episode of Audio Whiplash. 

On this one the guys discuss how working in a library can lead to increased knowledge of hash-brownie induced anal sex, why Beyonce re-releasing an album just one year after it originally came out might be kind of cool, a 30 year old classic from U2, why Boaty McBoatFace is only the second worst name for a Public School and tons more. 

Lastly, the guys manage to get new listeners caught up on 2 years of Audio Whiplash in under 90 seconds... and it's ... well... beautiful. 

Check out Audio Whiplash 70 and let us know what you think on Twitter @TallCanAudio.