Audio Whiplash 33: Toilet Humour

Hello, World!

Oh dear.  We've let Amy back on the mic with Toilet Humour on the agenda.  This can't go well. 

Audio Whiplash 33 starts off fine enough as they discuss Apple's return to a 4 inch iPhone and whether or not there is still a market for the smaller device, as well as the news that the FBI has found a hacker to help them to break in to a terrorist's iPhone. Sounds like good news. But it isn't. 

And that's about where things go off the rails.  A Deadspin article regarding the Top 10 places to have a leak comes up  and things go to hell in a hurry with tomfoolery. 

Later on, they talk about whether or not you'd accept a ready made clone of your significant other on the day they bit it so that you could carry on business as usual. 

This one is something else but it's a lot of laughs. Give it a listen.