Audio Whiplash 73: Jagged Little Musical

On Audio Whiplash 73 Rob & Matt discuss the news that the 1995 album Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morrissette is being turned in to a stage production scheduled to tour next year. Is Rob excited to go see it or will this be something just for Showtunes Matt?  How does the album hold up in 2017?

Later on, in the aftermath of the Manchester attacks, several huge acts are planning a benefit concert. Is it too soon? Does it lack respect for those lost or is this one of those times where the best thing you can do is confront it head on?

Lastly, the US plans to ban laptops on all flights in and out of the United States in the fairly near future. Is this overkill or a reasonable response to what seems to be a growing threat? How far behind are we in Canada on this road and when can we expect to take similar actions?

It's an up and down show that discusses some important issues and, as you'd expect, some nonsense.