Audio Whiplash 171: Craft Beer Controversy

the boys are back with an all new episode of the Audio Whiplash podcast.

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On today's show we get the latest instalment of cooking with Rob as for some reason a few of you are asking about what he's putting together for Thanksgiving this year.

Somehow that transitions in to a an unfortunate list of Matt's run ins with moon shine.

Later on, the boys discuss a controversy that popped up over the last week or so involving some of Ontario's craft brewers and a fairly offensive member of the Ontario government being photographed with them. Do politics have any place in beer? Should we shop with our taste buds or with our hearts? It's a complicated situation.

And finally, a Japanese airline is going to start showing customers who book online where young children are seated so you can avoid them. Cool idea or borderline prejudice?

Plenty on the agenda today so let's jump right in on an all new Audio Whiplash.

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