Audio Whiplash 166: Chernobyl Vodka

We kick off another work week with a brand new episode of Audio Whiplash.

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On the show today; Rob has a rather unpleasant run-in with a senior citizen in a bathing suit, crazy scientists want you to try some vodka they've made from some Chernobyl region nuclear waste which also leads the guys in to a discussion in to a weird story about a possible nuclear accident in Russia that their government doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry to tell it's citizens about.

Later on talk turns to the music industry as in 2018 several of the highest grossing tours of the year were some seriously over the hill acts. Why do we prefer to see the legends instead of the current stars?

And finally things turn angry as the boys discuss just how hypocritical Metallica has become when it comes to their formerly high road beliefs. The band that at one point lead the charge against injustice when it came to music file sharing back in the day is now just fine with screwing over it's fans on the secondary ticket market.

All this, a few laughs and tons more on a brand new episode of the flagship as we kick off another Monday.

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