Audio Whiplash 164: Bucket of Genitalia

This episode of the Audio Whiplash podcast is "Blam! Gorgeous!".

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On the show today; Rob's lack of bathing causes controversy at home, his grimey ass is then ready to fire up his own new cooking show - complete with title and catchphrases and Matt is given a segment on the show to talk about his bachelor menu.

Later on, the guys are horribly disturbed by a report that says you have no idea what happens to your organs and bodies after you donate them to science as a facility full of mutant human experiments was found in Arizona fully stocked with random human heads and buckets of genitalia. Gross man!

And finally, Sony is crowd funding a personal air conditioner that you wear right on your body to keep your sweaty ass cool even in the harshest of heat waves like the one we are experiencing right now.

All this and plenty more on an all new episode of Audio Whiplash.

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