Audio Whiplash 163: Decreased Sensitivity

On this weekend edition of the podcast the guys sure do spend a lot of time talking about penis'.

Hardly a great tease there.

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Troublingly, the guys once again kick off the show talking about some old drinking stories and how a jug of butter milk once saved the day for Rob. Listeners send in their ideas for what the real "panty removing" alcohol selection is as well as take Matt to task on his belief that aliens are real.

Before moving on, the guys kick around a couple upcoming guest ideas.

Later on, some moral crusaders are out for blood... or for less blood...? as they demand the end of male circumcision which Matt and Rob are floored by. Apparently though, this is the way the things are trending. Will clipped Men soon be the minority?

Also, apparently you can now rent the Oscar Mayer Wiener-Mobile on AirB&B for a little camp out. If you had the choice, what famous vehicle would you like to get your hands on if this trend continues?

That last topic causes Matt to tell a long buried story of disappointment in his father over his refusal to build a version of the Turtle Blimp for his son. Emotions run high.

All this nonsense and tons more on the newest edition of the flagship so make sure you check it out.

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