Audio Whiplash 155: Cheetos Lip Bomb

Beta Max, New Coke, the Sega Dreamcast and other huge success stories!

Welcome back to the Audio Whiplash podcast with Matt and Rob. Please do us a favour and leave a review for the show there on your podcast app.

On this episode of the flagship, we dive in to a recent list of the most over hyped and under performing flops in history. Google Plus, Cheeto's Lip Bomb, the Zune are just a few items here that prove even the biggest companies aren't immune to just totally shitting the bed.

And later on, New York City has a brand new super villain but instead of being out to steal or injure, - he apparently just wants to mess with your day in a super annoying kind of way. We'll take a look at what's up with this pest.

All that and much more on this week's edition of the Audio Whiplash podcast.

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