Audio Whiplash 139: Cheeky Bastards

A real fun new episode of the flagship, Audio Whiplash, is now available for your Monday morning commute.

On this episode the guys kick things off by discussing a great new craft beer they're trying. Conversation quickly turns to a unique style of advent calendar that Matt is making his way through with great excitement.

Later on, Rob tells a story of the time he once cleared an entire dance floor at an Irish Pub in Dublin.

The guys then debate an article where some craft brewers are blaming the iPhone for the fall in their business. Matt makes the argument that the iPhone may be more responsible than anything else in the rise of the craft beer industry. Is legal marijuana actually the culprit in terms of lowered beer sales or do they actually make better teammates than opponents on a Saturday night?

And finally, the guys wind down the show laughing at the most inappropriate place to set up a nightclub you've ever heard of.

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