Audio Whiplash 136: Electric Eel To The Chode

On this episode of the Audio Whiplash podcast, Rob has a "men's health" issue to talk to while finding it uncomfortable to sit on his stool for the length of the podcast.

Later on, Kelly in Waterloo sends the boys an article relating to a topic they discussed on the last show and it gets them all angry all over again.

Also, apparently people have begun taking it upon themselves to try to make back the money airlines are taking from them by stealing small items from the plane. The stuff angry passengers are swiping will blow your mind.

And finally, Toronto's newest hilarious criminal drunkenly interrupted Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament to break some doors and punch out a patron. He then made his way across town to an aquarium where he decided to swim naked in the shark tank.... Homeboy knows how to party and mess things up at the city's family destinations.

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