Audio Whiplash 132: Debacle Pod

Well... Let's see here.  How to describe this episode. 

Matt and Rob return to the studio to bring you the single worst episode of Audio Whiplash to date.  Between distractions, terrible memories and just general bafooonery, nothing goes right here. 

The show starts off with some talk of a celebrity that both of the boys find very attractive ... as long as they're talking about the same person.

Burt Reynolds passed away... The guys discuss some of their favourite movies that he was in.  But they can't really remember the names of them so they just give bad general descriptions of the films until they get bored. 

Later on, talk turns to the guys respective vacations and why neither of them chose to partake in any of Doug Ford's Buck A Beer swill.

Up next, a plane from Dubai to New York, landed with over 100 sick people on it causing emergency services to show up.  Also on the flight was Vanilla Ice.  Apparently he's doing like real estate TV shows or something?  I'm not sure.  Neither are Matt and Rob.

Old man Rob rants on you young kids out there smoking your joints in public... or possibly on his lawn, based on how upset he's gotten over it. 

What a disaster this show is.... Sorry about that.  

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