Audio Whiplash 129: The Adventures Of "Sit-To-Pee" Dave

On the latest edition of the Audio Whiplash podcast, Matt and Rob are joined once again by Rob's brother Jeff.

Captain Blowhard and Brother Blowhard in the same studio ... you know it's going to be chaos.

The show kicks off with Jeff explaining why the newer, electronic versions of Monopoly are created by communists and how it's destroying our society.... I guess.

Later on, our pal Lady Dave has found a loop hole in Alberta law that allows him to proclaim that he now identifies as a woman, without undergoing any medical procedures, and how that means he now gets to save $1,100 in car insurance.  Imagine trading in your entire self image to save a couple clams.  What a legend.

And finally, the IOC is seriously considering adding E-Sports (that's right - video games) to the Olympic Games.  Finally another sport besides beach volleyball that makes your wrists sore.... : ).  I think you'll be shocked by the opinions of our hosts on this idea.

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