Audio Whiplash 128: Naked Naps on the Subway

Welcome back to Audio Whiplash as there's all kinds of crazy crap going on in the world, as usual, and we've tried to cram as much of it as possible in to this one. 

First up.  The guys debate the finality of a ticket giveaway.  On the heels of Matt being offered someone's concert festival pass only to have the person turn around and take it back, we ask the question.  A-hole or A-okay?  When giving away something like that do you maintain the right to change your mind or are all generous gestures final?

Later on, there are multiple companies trying to capitalize on your apparent desire fora  midday nap... Seriously... They're like tiny little pods that you rent by the hour.  Are you interested? And how did this lead us in to a conversation about Rob being naked in an airport? 

Following that, some creep in St Louis is filming and streaming his Uber trips to the internet.  As a driver he's taking thousands of viewers on a reality show with him as they spy on private conversations, judge women's appearances and just generally be weird.  He's not technically breaking any rules, but is this okay? When you ride in someone else's vehicle are you entitled to privacy or are people who allow customers in to their cars free to do whatever they want in those cars?

And finally, the story of a mailman stealing veggies from the gardens of people on his route and Amazon delivery people being able to come right in to your home to leave your packages rather than placing them on your door step. 

Lots to cover on this summer edition of the flagship and we hope you enjoy it.  Listen at or by searching Tall Can Audio on your favourite podcast app. 

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