Audio Whiplash 126: Canada Day & The HotDog Hematoma

Happy Canada Day!

On this special edition of the show, Matt is joined by our transplanted Canadian down in the US of A to see what this occasion looks like in America. 

Also up for discussion on this episode, Matt & Jill discuss the fact that Cineplex theatres are going to start delivering popcorn and other movie snacks to your house via Uber Eats. Is it a ridiculous idea or did Netflix and Chill just get taken to a whole new buttery level?

Later on, a woman was shot in the face with a hot dog gun at a baseball gun ... and it sent her to hospital... for real.  That's something that happened. 

And finally, a new dating app wants to let your friends swipe right for you because your taste in partners sucks and you clearly can't be trusted to choose your own dates.  Are you up for this? Do you trust any of your friends enough to find you a suitable date?

All this and tons more on this Canada Day edition of the podcast.  

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