Audio Whiplash 125: Sex At Your Friend's House

The flagship is back in your ear holes as we roar on towards the long weekend. 

Up first on this one, a survey has the guys talking about the bests places to set yourself up at a concert.  Do you want to be down at the stage wrestling with the sweaty people, leaning against "front of house" enjoying the sweet sound the engineers are getting or maybe up in the stands a bit closer to the pisser and the bar? The guys knock it around and tell some stories. 

And later on, a recent GQ article asks if it's rude to have sex at your friend's house. If so, when did it start? Was it okay when you were a teenager just looking for anywhere with no supervision? Is it the presence of your buddy's new baby that means you need to stop knocking boots on his couch? What's the etiquette here?

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