Audio Whiplash 123: Hate Tweets

Let's kick off another week with a brand new episode of Audio Whiplash with your boys Matt and Rob. 

On the docket today, how Spotify has decided to supersede your morals with far better corporate morals when it comes to which music you should be presented with on their platform. Forget whether or not Spotify should choose which music you hear - should Spotify choose which races your musicians are? 

Later on, America's newest pariah is one of America's oldest pariahs... Roseanne has run afoul of the Twitterverse with her most recent racist tweets and her show has been cancelled. Is it as simple as finding out that the woman tasked with representing the average Trump supporter on TV represented them too well? Or is there more to the story? And why do the guys believe she'll be back on TV by the end of the year?

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