Audio Whiplash 120: TCA 3rd Anniversary Show

TCA is turning 3 years old and we're having the party on the flagship - Audio Whiplash. 

We try to touch base with as many of our regulars as possible and see what they're up to. 

First up, Amy tells us she's not with us in studio because she's scared of Fecal Alcohol Syndrome.... Yup.  That's a thing I guess.  Maybe she meant fetal? 

Matty Laing is up next to reminisce about some of his early podcast appearances and rage on the Raptors. 

And Jill MacSween tells us about a diet plan that helped her lose 240lbs of deadweight and discuss a Belgium's Got Talent contestant who turned out to be a murderous clown who went on Facebook Live for his surrender. 

All this and much more as Rob and Matt are in studio to talk about some of their favourite shows, Rob's growing tech awareness and tons more. 

It's our birthday and we are celebrating with our friends and we hope you'll join us!

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